Monday, February 17, 2014


This Monday I want to talk "hairspiration" as my hair stylist and friend, Jill likes to call it. I've been itching to try something new with my hair for a month or so and when my recent appointment came up with Jill, I went for it. I had trolled Pinterest and the Internet for some inspo and found the images above. Previously, I'd  tried a traditional ombre effect, but found that it was too dark for my fair complexion and washed me out. I'm definitely jealous of the gals that can sport this beautiful style with ease.

Since I loved the nod to ombre Jill suggested we try a technique called "balyage," which is apparently all the rage with stylists. This meant she smudged the roots and top of my head with a warm, caramel color and then did the remainder of my hair blonde with golden highlights. This was a departure from my tried and true blonde highlights on the top layer of my hair only, and I loved the fact that my new color highlighted and framed my face. For the cut, I asked Jill to make it blunt like I've seen trending lately. She axed the layers I had been growing and did so without chopping off too much of the hard-earned length I had been working on. Check out the results. It's definitely my hair dream come true!

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