Thursday, May 29, 2014

Weekend Recap

This post is a little past due, but I wanted to do a quick recap of our Memorial Day weekend. There were a lot of fun times packed into three days and it makes me wish we always had long weekends.

1.The husband and I did a quick happy hour at a nearby hotspot literally two blocks from our house. I absolutely died over the peony arrangement in the women's bathroom, so of course I had to take a snap.

2. Our new nephew Mason got a quick visit from his auntie and uncle before he was swiped away to be fed. The family is at home now and we can't wait for more visits with the little guy!

3. We did a farmer's market stroll on Saturday morning and met up with the in-laws at a local pub for Bloody Mary's. I think my husband is now the master of group selfies.

4. Our friends suggested a dinner at a new restaurant in Ocean Beach and I must say that their Mint Julep's are on par.

5. The weather was phenomenal 2 of the 3 days, so we took full advantage by hitting up the beach on those days. The water was a beautiful turquoise and blue and was really a sight to see.

6. I made my infamous Jell-O shots that I make every Memorial Day and Independence Day. They were definitely a hit with our friends!

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