Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty Perk

I think all women have one or two (sometimes 10) beauty items we always turn to, to make us feel instantly glam. For me, those items are a perfectly-hued bronzer and a fierce lipstick. Anytime I'm not feeling great about myself or just being lazy in putting together my look for the day, these two items instantly perk me up. Enter my favorite lipstick ever, M.A.C.'s Candy Yum Yum and the bronzing powder I swear by, NARS in Laguna. These two beauty items literally have been my savor on more occasions than one. The worst is when I've misplaced one or both of these items and then I'm in a frantic tizzy to locate them, but all is eventually made good (even if I have to run out to buy a replacement).

I'll be the first to admit, there are days when all I feel like is slapping on some BB cream and nude lip gloss and those days I can feel just as beautiful, too.

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