Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Things for December

I know I say this about every month, but I'm truly shocked that it's the last month of 2014. While I love the holiday season, I don't love the stress and time crunch that comes with it. And yes, I'm late on this post because it's the holidays! Any how, here's what I'm looking forward to the remainder of this month:  
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Getting my first box of Wine Awesomeness. I learned about this monthly wine box via social media and what got me hooked is the intro box is FREE (just pay the $15 shipping fee) and includes 3 bottles of curated wine, recipes and music pairing. How cool is that? After that, it's a flat $45 per month, which includes free shipping - so it turns out to by just $15 each bottle, which is a great deal to have new wines show up on my doorstep each month. Wine Awesomeness gives you the option to skip months if you're trying to save cash or cancel your membership at any time. Easy, peasy just the way I like it!

Writing love letters to strangers for 12 days. Yes, the old-fashioned way of communicating with pen and paper may be dying, but you can keep it alive this December (and all year long) by visiting More Love Letters and signing up to receive requests for people in need of a little extra encouragement this holiday season. I'm currently on day 3 and liking it so much that I'll probably continue well past this month.

Cookie fest with my good friend, Jessica this Saturday. Every year my friend and her mom have an entire day in December dedicated to baking delicious Christmas cookies to give out to friends, family and colleagues. I got in on the action last year and was impressed {and a little intimated} with the skill and dedication that goes into this day. By the end of the day we had dozens of cookies that Martha Stewart herself would approve of. This year I'm sharing a recipe for Cranberry Bliss Cookies {so yum}!

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