Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thankful Marriage

This week more than ever I'm feeling thankful for my marriage. I think with Valentine's Day coming up tomorrow it has made me reflect more on our first year of marriage and all of the growing we've done as a couple. My husband and I went through a lot of changes in our first year of marriage and we took every one of them in stride. We had a lot of fun this last year and have truly become a solid team.

While there are so many joyous things to celebrate being married, no one really tells you the difficulties a couple can be confronted with as a married couple. One thing I'm proud of is the fact that we have taken our vows very seriously and worked through any challenges we faced together. It's a little bittersweet seeing the first year come and gone, but I'm happy to say that I know I picked the perfect partner for this life and look forward to many more anniversaries to come with him.

These are some photos from our one year wedding anniversary shoot we took back in November. They are absolute perfection in my eyes and I'm so glad we have something to commemorate our first year of marriage. (Photo credit: Lisa Conrad Photography)

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