Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pretty Little Things

I have a confession to make: I've been putting off updating my undergarment drawer for some time now. I think parting with some of my favorite items has me anxiety ridden. My husband made a comment the other night about a pair of sleep pants that I've probably had since freshman year of college (hello 2002!); I hadn't even noticed that there were small holes in the back of the pants and that moment made me realize that a major overhaul of my underwear/sleepwear drawer was in order. I went straight to my top drawer and immediately pulled out undergarments that had either been around longer than I can remember or were distressed from too much time in the spin cycle.

I've never had a problem buying pretty undergarments, seeing as I signed up for a Victoria's Secret card right out of high school. But aside from good 'ole Vicky's, I didn't really branch out in this particular area until I worked part-time at Bloomingdale's for a holiday season. I discovered Elle Macpherson, Le Mystere and Calvin Klein. There was a whole, wide world outside of the iconic pink-and-white stripes I was used to. Over the years I've discovered some key tips to keep my undergarments intact, so they last longer than just a season or two:
  •  When in doubt, leave it out. Of the washer or dryer that is. These machines are the bane of  your lingerie's existence. I've seen too many of my delicate items get stretched and destroyed by the wrath of the spin cycle. Hand wash is always the best route if you have the time and resources. I usually do not have time for this, so I give it a go on delicate in the washer and always hang to dry.
  • Invest in a lingerie bag. This is key when sending your garments into a washer, especially if you are mixing them with other clothes. These mesh bags are pretty cheap and low-key. I always keep mine in the laundry basket, so it's there when it comes time to head over to the in-laws or the local laundromat.
  •  Use the best cleaning products available to you. The Laundress makes a great delicate wash detergent that is ideal for your undergarments. Regular detergent can have harsh chemicals that will break down fibers over time. If that is out of your budget, Woolite is a good alternative.
I've been scouring the Internet searching for the best-of-the-best in all things lingerie and sleepwear related. I've included a few in this post that I'm lusting after and will hopefully soon make a new home in the top drawer of my bureau.
Pretty Lingerie
Clockwise from left:
Plum Pretty Sugar for BHLDN  / Aerie Longline Bra & La Perla Briefs
Elle Macpherson Intimates  / Anthropologie  Romper / Elle Macpherson Cannelle Set
Mara Hoffman 

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