Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 Things For May

Happy May Day! Today is also my best friend's birthday {Hi Samantha} and the start of a new month. Here is what I'm looking forward to in May:

Image via Fannetastic Food
Grilling healthy delicious meals on the barbeque. It's already summer weather in California and we plan on taking advantage of our grill big time. With Memorial Day at the end of this month, these patriotic strawberries are on my list to make as well.


Super excited for Kate Moss for TopShop. I've been browsing through the collection at Nordstrom and can't decide what will land in my closet. I love the bohemian, luxe look of the whole collection and now it's just a matter of trying a few pieces on.

Image via Glitter Guide
I want to make my own salt scrub and the recipe I found from Glitter Guide is perfect, easy and simple. These would make great gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays or to just say "thanks."

Orange Mint Sugar Scrub

- 3 cups sugar
- 1 cup grapeseed oil
- Orange essential oil
- Mint essential oil

Directions: Combine sugar & oil well. Add essential oil — generally about 2/3 orange & 1/3 mint, but this can be customized to each person’s liking. Spoon into containers & add a few extra drops of essential oils to the top of each scrub.

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