Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Family Time

This past weekend my husband and I made the trek up to Northern California for my niece, Sophia's 1st birthday party. I only say "trek" because the 8+ hour drive is exhausting, but once we get there, it's all good! It was also my nephew's 5th birthday, so we made it one big celebration at the park with owl-themed cupcakes, a bounce house and yummy picnic food. In between visits from family, I also met up with two of my close childhood friends for some sushi, sake bombs and laughs.

Needless to say, when I arrived back to San Diego I immediately felt homesick. It saddens me that every time I see the little ones, they are much bigger than the time before. I cherish these visits and look forward to seeing them all again this holiday season (if not sooner). My younger sister, Cindy and I bought my dad a plane ticket to visit us in September, so I'm already planning activities for us to see and do. Not to mention my best friend is flying down in July to celebrate our 30th birthdays together. So, I guess I do have some good visits to look forward to this year. In the mean time, I will just have to make FaceTime count; and continue to harass my sisters that my niece and nephew need a trip to Disneyland ASAP {hint}.

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